On this page you’ll find some of our copywriting samples.

If you can’t find one relevant to you, let us know.



The client

The Brighton Summit, a one-day business conference.

The brief

Write website copy, direct marketing emails and magazine ads to generate bookings from a broad audience: from large company senior managers, to freelancers. Increase sales from previous year.

What we did

Wrote highly effective copy that broadened the appeal of the conference, selling it out with sales one- third higher than the previous year.


“You’ve got lots of ideas. And you love thinking about where those ideas could take you. But you’re busy keeping up with all the day-to-day things in your business.

 When do you find the time to make your ideas happen? How do you plan for your future? How do you take action? How do you grow?

 Give us one day of your time on Friday 16 October. We’ll give you compelling speakers, practical workshops and unusual challenges.

You’ll leave with a plan for growing your business and building your future.”



The client

Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce

The brief

To write marketing emails and advertorial for the Chamber’s regular training workshops.

What we did

Wrote an advertorial for Absolute Business Magazine and email marketing copy that generated bookings, resulting in sold out workshops.

“Business Training to Get Your Teeth Into.

We all need to keep learning to succeed, but it is not always obvious how best to get that vital learning. Good training brings huge benefits: practical skills, deep understanding, even ideas that could change a business’ course. Where can you find training that doesn’t take forever, won’t break the bank, and really makes a difference?

Brighton Chamber of Commerce’s regular bite-sized learning sessions might just be the winning formula for business training: worthwhile, affordable and easy to fit into busy diaries.

When I went to my first bite-sized training session, I was new to the Chamber and had no idea what to expect. What I got was a room full of friendly people eager to learn. Some were freelancers like me, others ran much bigger businesses and some were employees. The training worked for all of us. Why? Because it was designed to meet real-world needs, delivered by someone who is out there doing and knows those needs.”



The client

Host Unusual, a holiday booking firm specialising in unusual holiday accommodation.

The brief

To write blogs that would spark an interest in unusual holidays.

What we did

Wrote a blog that became one of the best performing on their website.

“Beginners Guide to Glamping

Love the outdoors, but hate the idea of a cold tent in a wet field? Glamping was made for you.

Glamping was named for glamorous camping, but the reality is much more than that. Glamping allows you to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors, while sleeping in a warm, comfortable bed. No dreary hotel lobbies and no uncomfortable sleeping mats. Just birdsong, starlight and a good night’s sleep.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?”



The client

Scala Advance

The brief

To write copy that would encourage interest in this leadership coaching and consultancy firm.

What we did

Wrote web copy that reflected the company’s values, goals and clients.

“Are you a brilliant leader?

At Scala Advance, we develop brilliant leaders able to achieve exceptional results.

We do this by gaining a deep understanding of our clients, working in partnership to develop strategies for change.

We want you to do more than improve.

We want you to gain the strength and understanding you need to transform your leadership impact”.



The client

Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership

 The brief

To create case studies that would help stakeholders and potential applicants understand the value of Coast to Capital’s grant funding programme.

 What we did

Wrote copy that demonstrated how the programme benefitted communities and organisations, encouraging new applications.

“Jobs Get Skates On.

 A state-of-the-art community skatepark and four jobs, built with the help of a £37,000 grant. 

Bognor’s young skaters need a safe space to skate, all year round and all year long. There are skateparks in the town, but they are uncovered, unlit and showing their age. They are not always safe. 

A group of local parents has set out to change things for their skating and riding children. They want a place where young people can practise their skills, protected from the weather and the dark.

They want to be able to go there as a family, drink, eat and make friends. They want a place where people of all ages can build their physical and creative skills, learning from and with each other.

The Base Skatepark will make all this happen”.