We communicate in writing most days of our working lives. And at some time, most of us have struggled to find the right words. If you’ve ever found yourself staring at a flashing cursor, wondering what to write next, you’re certainly not alone.

But writing doesn’t have to be hard.

Despite the fact that businesses rely heavily on writing to communicate, few people have ever had any kind of writing training. And that means that businesses are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to save time and operate with greater focus and clarity.

Imagine if everyone in your business was a confident, capable writer. What would that mean?

You’d reach people easily and effectively, without wasting hours trying to perfect a piece of writing. You and your people would be able to work easily and happily with words.


Copywriting training for businesses

We provide tailored writing training and coaching, for businesses and individuals.

We can…

·       Come to your office and deliver small group or individual training for you and your staff.

·       Work with you or others in your business individually, providing feedback and flexible or regular writing coaching.

·       Provide writing training as part of a branding exercise.

Whichever option you choose, we’ll start by finding out everything we can about your business. We’ll find out what your goals are, your key achievements and your biggest challenges. We’ll discover what it is you need to communicate brilliantly.

We know that everybody, regardless of their role or background, can learn to write effectively.

You and your people could learn:

  • How to structure a web page or blog post so that your readers keep on reading to the end.

  • How to organise your thoughts and use research skills in your writing.

  • The best ways to approach editing and proofreading.

Want to make a start right now? Try our free copywriting course for business owners.