Words that make connections

Your business needs a steady flow of crisp, persuasive content. Words that will engage your audience, win their hearts and minds and have them heading for your door (virtual or otherwise).

Your website, blog and social media accounts need to be regularly fed with new content. Maybe you also need to produce in-depth articles, product brochures, annual reports, explainer videos…

Keeping up with this constant need for copy is hard.

If you have a marketing team in-house, are they able to really sink their teeth into these various demands for fresh words?

If you’re a new or single-person business, how do you justify taking time out of your day to write when you’ve got a million other things you need to do? Things you know you’d rather be doing than writing.


Fresh words, whenever you need them

You don’t need to keep trying to fit in copywriting here and there. We'll do it for you.

You might just need one blog post. You might be looking for a whole new website and monthly follow-up content. We’re happy to take on either, as a partnership between your business and ours.

We're Brighton copywriters, and while we love working with local businesses, our clients come from all over the UK and beyond.

We can write:

  • website copy

  • blogs and articles

  • press releases

  • brochures

  • reports

  • whitepapers

  • emails and newsletters

  • video scripts

  • ad copy

  • product descriptions.


How we work

We’ll start with a call, meeting or email exchange where we’ll find out who you are, what you do and why you’re fantastic at it.

We’ll establish what you want from us and agree together what we’ll deliver and when. We’ll give you a price, which won’t change unless the project does. And once we’ve got that deadline in our diary, we’ll always meet it.

When we’ve done the writing, we’ll send you over your new words. If you need to make some tweaks, we’ll do them. Two sets of revisions are included in all our quotes.

You won’t need to waste time dealing with anonymous account managers or chasing up unreliable freelancers. You’ll work directly with your own writer, who’ll be part of your team for as long as you need them. Most of our work is done remotely, but if you need us to come to your office, we’re happy to.