Prices and Packages

We price our copywriting work by the project, based on an hourly rate of £40 an hour.

Give us your brief and we'll give you a price, which will include two sets of revisions.

Training and branding are also priced per project.

Editing work usually costs between £10 and £30 per 1000 words.


Typical prices

A typical page of web copy is likely to cost between £60 and £120.

A straightforward blog post of around 600-800 words will cost about £60.

Too much? Choose a monthly package for blogging from £35 per post (with 25% off that in your first month).


Monthly packages from £50

The most affordable copywriting we offer comes as monthly packages.

If you know you'll need regular content, we'll work out a deal that will save you money on our standard rates and allow us to forge a rewarding, effective partnership.

If you want regular blogging, you can choose one of our pre-priced packages.

Sign up for a blogging package you'll get:

  • Blogs written to your schedule and specifications, between 600 and 800 words long. If you want shorter or longer blogs, we’ll give you a tailored quote.

  • A meta title and description to help your readers find your blog.

  • A 25% discount in your first month, so you have the chance to try us out at a super-affordable cost. You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your package at any time.

  • The option to include blogging strategy creation.


Blogging package prices, 25% off your first month 



One blog per month: £50 (first month £37.50).

Two blogs per month: £95 (first month £71.25).

Four blogs per month: £180 (first month £135).

Eight blogs per month: £340 (first month £255)

Twelve blogs per month: £480 (first month £360)

Sixteen blogs per month: £600 (first month £450)

Every working day: £750 (first month £562.50).




Image sourcing: £5 per post (£3.75 during your first month).

Uploading and formatting your blog: £5 per post (£3.75 during your first month).

Social media posting (up to four social networks): £8 per post (£6 during your first month).