Developing your tone-of-voice

Your business has a personality and a set of values, things that are important to you and your customers. Even if you’ve never defined them formally, they’re there, underpinning everything you do.

How do you communicate these values in your writing?

If you’ve ever sat down to write for your business and ended up with a piece of content that just doesn’t feel ‘you’, you’re not alone. Your speech naturally reflects who you are, but to transfer that to your writing takes time and thought.

Define your tone-of-voice, and you'll find you can write naturally, in a way that reflects who you are and what you believe in.


Tone-of-voice consultancy

We'll give you the confidence you need to write copy that will set you apart, and the tools you need to do it easily and quickly.

Get your tone-of-voice right and your writing will become distinctive and recognisable. When people read it, they’ll feel comfortable, confident that they’re getting a real understanding of the people behind the business. They’ll feel at home, able to connect with and trust you.


How it works

We’ll start with a dive down into the core of your business, asking why you’re here and what difference you make to your customers. We'll ask what gets you excited when you get to your desk every morning. We’ll talk to your people too: employees, collaborators, anyone important to your business.

We’ll then be able to define your values and from those values, your core messages and your tone-of-voice.

We’ll analyse the content you have, and work out what you need to do to give it a consistent tone that fits your brand.

You’ll get set of practical guidelines, full of easy-to-understand examples that you and your team can use to write everything from emails to web pages in your tone-of-voice.

Your writing will become memorable, influential and just right for you.